Necklace - Black Spider

SKU: RW167
Black Spider Necklace - Embrace Elegance with a Touch of Mystery

Step into a world of allure and mystery with our Black Spider Necklace. This unique piece features a captivating black painted spider pendant, measuring approximately 1.25"H x 1"W, suspended from a black enameled metal chain adorned with jet faceted beads. The necklace measures approximately 16", offering a perfect balance of style and sophistication. Crafted with high-quality construction, this piece is proudly made in the USA.

**Key Features:**
1. **Mysterious Elegance:** The black painted spider pendant adds a touch of intrigue to your ensemble.
2. **Perfect Dimensions:** Measuring approximately 1.25"H x 1"W, the pendant strikes a balance between boldness and wearability.
3. **Versatile Design:** The black enameled metal chain with jet faceted beads complements a variety of styles.

**Why Choose Black Spider Necklace?**
- *Unique Statement Piece:* Make a bold statement with the intriguing design of the black spider pendant.
- *Versatile Length:* The 16" necklace is perfect for both casual and formal occasions.
- *Quality Craftsmanship:* Meticulously crafted in the USA for enduring beauty.

- *Necklace Length:* Approximately 16"
- *Pendant Dimensions:* 1.25"H x 1"W
- *Material:* Black painted spider pendant, black enameled metal chain, jet faceted beads

Elevate your style with the Black Spider Necklace and let the mysterious charm of the spider captivate the world around you. Order now and embrace elegance with a touch of enigmatic allure!