Necklace - Anchor

Classic Hardware Anchor Necklace - Nautical Elegance in Every Detail

Adorn yourself with the maritime charm of the Classic Hardware Anchor Necklace, showcasing an intricately crafted pewter pendant featuring a reverse-printed glass cabochon with a captivating anchor image. Measuring approximately 17", this necklace is a testament to high-quality construction and meticulous attention to detail, proudly made in the USA.

**Key Features:**
1. **Nautical Elegance:** The pewter pendant, measuring approximately .75", captures the timeless allure of an anchor.
2. **Versatile Length:** The necklace measures approximately 17", providing an ideal length for everyday wear.
3. **Customizable:** Choose your preferred bead and chain combination to personalize your style.

**Why Choose Classic Hardware Anchor Necklace?**
- *Timeless Design:* The reverse-printed glass cabochon ensures a lasting and vibrant anchor image.
- *Options to Suit Your Style:* Select from a variety of bead and chain combinations to match your unique taste.
- *Quality Craftsmanship:* Meticulously crafted in the USA for enduring beauty.

- *Necklace Length:* Approximately 17"
- *Pendant Dimensions:* Approximately .75"
- *Material:* Pewter pendant with a reverse-printed glass cabochon
- *Chain Options:* [List available bead and chain combinations]

**How to Wear:**
1. Choose your preferred bead and chain combination.
2. Adjust the necklace to your desired length.
3. Showcase the anchor pendant as a symbol of nautical elegance.

Capture the spirit of the sea with the Classic Hardware Anchor Necklace. Order now and let the elegance of the anchor adorn your style!