Ring - Amur Leopard Victorian Oval

Bonni Reid Victorian Oval Ring - Amur Leopard Image


Embrace the elegance of wildlife with the Bonni Reid Victorian Oval Ring featuring a captivating image of the Amur Leopard. Designed by acclaimed artist Bonni Reid, this ring is a unique blend of Victorian aesthetics and modern style. Choose from a size 7 or 8 and personalize your look further by selecting between silver-plated or black enamel metal frames.

**Key Features:**
1. **Exquisite Image:** Bonni Reid's detailed depiction of the Amur Leopard captured in an ornate Victorian oval setting.
2. **Perfectly Sized:** The image frame measures approximately 1.25” x 1”, offering a delicate yet eye-catching accessory.
3. **Metal Options:** Choose between silver-plated or black enamel metal to suit your individual style.

**Why Choose Bonni Reid Victorian Oval Ring?**
- *Artistic Excellence:* Showcasing Bonni Reid's mastery, this ring is a wearable work of art.
- *Customization:* Available in sizes 7 or 8, allowing you to find the perfect fit.
- *Quality Craftsmanship:* Made in the USA with high-quality construction for durability and lasting beauty.

- *Image Frame Dimensions:* Approximately 1.25” x 1”
- *Available Sizes:* 7 or 8
- *Metal Options:* Silver-plated or black enamel

**How to Wear:**
1. Slip the ring onto your finger, adjusting for a comfortable fit.
2. Showcase the intricate Amur Leopard image as a statement piece or layer with other accessories.

**Frequently Asked Questions:**
- *Is this ring adjustable?* No, the ring comes in specific sizes (7 or 8), so choose the one that best fits your finger.
- *Can I wear this ring daily?* Yes, the high-quality construction ensures durability for everyday wear.

Elevate your style with the Bonni Reid Victorian Oval Ring, a fusion of artistry and nature. Order now to bring the grace of the Amur Leopard to your jewelry collection!