Ring - Amur Leopard Pop Art Oval Locket

SKU: R-EV118

Unleash the wild beauty of the Amur Leopard with our Pop Art Oval Adjustable Locket Ring, featuring a mesmerizing image by artist Bonni Reid. This distinctive piece combines artistic expression with functional design, making it a standout accessory for any jewelry collection.

**Key Features:**
- **Artistic Design**: Showcasing a stunning Amur Leopard image by Bonni Reid, this locket ring adds a touch of exotic elegance to your ensemble.
- **Adjustable Fit**: The adjustable ring band ensures a comfortable fit for various finger sizes, offering versatility and ease of wear.
- **Perfect Size**: The locket measures approximately 1.25 inches by 0.75 inches, creating a bold yet refined statement piece.
- **Premium Materials**: Made with high-quality silver-plated metal, this ring ensures durability and a polished finish.
- **Functional Locket**: The locket design allows you to keep a cherished photo or small memento close at hand, adding a personal touch to your accessory.
- **High-Quality Construction**: Proudly made in the USA, this ring showcases meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail.

- **Unique Statement Piece**: The vivid Amur Leopard image and locket design make this ring a standout accessory that adds a touch of wild sophistication to any outfit.
- **Versatile Styling**: Perfect for both casual and formal occasions, this ring complements a wide range of looks.
- **Personalized Keepsake**: The functional locket allows you to carry a special photo or memento, making this ring not just a piece of jewelry, but a meaningful keepsake.