Necklace - Retrolite Knife


Retrolite Knife Necklace in Black

Add some edgy gothic flair to your look with our Retrolite™ knife necklace! Featuring a hand poured poly resin knife-shaped pendant on a black plastic chain. Retrolite™ is our homage to the collectable vintage Bakelite from the 1920’s. It is made of poly-resin. Each piece is hand poured, and a beautiful high gloss polished shine is achieved through a sophisticated tumbling process that takes over 5 days. It is heavier in feel compared to traditional plastics and is of the highest quality.

• Necklace measures approx. 17"
• Durable hand poured poly resin
• Pendant measures approx 3.75" wide by 1.43" thick
• Black plastic chain
• High quality construction
• Made in the USA